A man is married to 13 wives and all of them are pregnant at the same time and at the same month.

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Curious diners at a seafood restaurant in Hangzhou were recently spotted crowding around to watch as a young woman hand-fed crab to a salivating gentleman. As it turns out, he bought her “crab-peeling services” on the internet for 260RMB.

The woman reportedly offers her services on Taobao and charges 10RMB to peel each crab with an extra 5RMB if you want to be fed. This particular diner ordered 20 crabs in total and got a little discount because he ordered the “King Meal”.

The hostess says she quit her previous job as a flight attendant on a domestic airline to pursue the freedoms of part-time work. Despite her hands turning red after peeling numerous crabs, she smiled all the way through it and seemed to appreciate the publicity.

Honestly, who could think of a better way to spend the equivalent of £26/40USD/$56AUD?





These men wanted her to feed them too, but she turned them down. It seems she is very devoted to her work.





He thanked the young lady, like a true gentleman, with good feedback on the app where she advertises her services.

Source: http://shanghaiist.com/2015/08/28/young-woman-offers-crab-peeling-services-taobao.php