Texas station KAMC anchor Emily Leonard’s jaw dropped when she introduced a sports bulletin only to see her boyfriend, Matt Laubhan, a meteorologist for rival station KLBK, sitting behind the sports desk.

Mr Laubhan told viewers the normal sports report was taking a “sabbatical” for “some breaking news”. He referred to Miss Leonard as “not only the sweet, quirky, crazy girl that you watch every morning on this channel” but “the love of my life”.

He then invited them to “sit back and watch me make a young woman cry, hopefully in a good way.”

As a shocked Miss Leonard grinned and covered her mouth with her hand, he walked over to the desk where she was sitting, commenting that she “must be wearing waterproof mascara” because she wasn’t crying. Then he dropped to one knee and asked: “I was wanting to know if you might want to marry me, how about it?”

Miss Leonard, who confessed “I’m shaking”, then cried out “yes” numerous times before her new fiance slipped the ring on to her finger. She also paused to shout “you all knew!” to her colleagues before wiping away some tears and hugging Mr Leonard.

“So you had no clue?” he asked.

“No,” she said, adding, “I think I got lipstick on you.”

“I don’t think it matters,” her fiance replied.